DA22 - The Vote, the Community, and the Wardrobe with Macy McVay and Judit Manchay

A time of reflection, reaction, and first-hand opinions on the matters that transpired this weekend at Annual Council. Macy McVay, a new guest, and Judit Manchay, a returning guest, come to explain and process through what they have witnessed and conversations engaged this past weekend. 


Judit Manchay --> @judit_manchay

Macy McVay --> @macymcvay

DA15 - Board Games and Culture with Katelyn Campbell

During today's podcast, we interview Katelyn Campbell, co-founder of A'Campbell Consultants, on the matter of gaming and the gospel. She shares interactions, projects, and how the power of the debrief can be used for the gospel.


A'Campbell Consultants --> @ACampbellConsu1


DA13 - Digital Evangelism with Justin Khoe

A more than necessary topic, Digital Missions, gets discussed with Justin Khoe, ThatChristianVlogger. Justin speaks about the need for digital engagement within the Christian Church and the relevance of Adventism for this space. Justin offers his reflections, experiences, and testimonies about his ministry that helps people experience faith in the first person.  Follow  Justin Khoe --> http://bit.ly/2p7rWVF

DA12 - Podcasting and Apps with Daniel Escalante

Today's podcast is about our relationship with technology and knowing how to manage it well. Our guest, Daniel Escalante, addresses the topic of about apps, podcasting, and a bit of finance and stewardship when it comes to technology. Moreover, he shares some of his experiences and how to be intentional in the digital space.


Daniel Escalante --> @pstrdan77

DMing Truth and Tech --> https://apple.co/2xpH1G3

DA9 - Psychology with Bryan Rivera

During today's podcast, we focus on the relationship between Psychology and Christianity with Cognitive Science graduate Bryan Rivera. We explore why getting educated about this crucial topic can enhance our view of the Bible and open new possibilities as to the way we see God and ourselves. 


Disruptive Adventism, @disruptiveadventism

Bryan Rivera, @cogbreezy

DA7 - Mental Health with Casey Vaughn

During today's podcast, we continue our series focused on mindfulness with an interview to Casey Vaughn and the importance of focusing on Mental Health and the care for our bodies. We explore how learning certain practices can help people be conscious of their needs to rest and spirituality.


Disruptive Adventism @disruptiveadventism

Casey Vaughn @mymetanoias