DA27 - Design with Mark Cook and Ivan Ruiz-Knott

We break down why design is important and how as Adventists we can contribute to our churches on the matter of design and relatability with all people. Mark and Ivan emphasize that design needs to have a purpose, be aligned with the mission, and create a new conversation in order to be effective and powerful in today's world.

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DA26 - Community Empowerment with Jharony Fernandez-Gibbs

Our last podcast on our series on empowerment. We hope you have enjoyed it and listen to what Jharony Fernandez-Gibbs shares with us about community empowerment and how to do it more effectively. She invites everyone to always know that they are valuable and to be active in one's community. 

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DA7 - Mental Health with Casey Vaughn

During today's podcast, we continue our series focused on mindfulness with an interview to Casey Vaughn and the importance of focusing on Mental Health and the care for our bodies. We explore how learning certain practices can help people be conscious of their needs to rest and spirituality.


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