DA43 - Youth Culture with Vandeon Griffin

We sit down with Vandeon Griffin, North American Division Youth Director, to hash out how to deal with the matter of engaging youth, how to deal with the exodus, and love people to the point of listening to them and making them involved in all matters of the church. He also speaks about some upcoming projects from the NAD.


Vandeon Griffin --> IG @pastorgrif

DA40 - Independent Artist and Hymneo with Michelle Odinma

We are finalizing our mini-series on Independent Artists by talking with Michelle Odinma. She helps us understand some of the struggles, areas of improvement, and the need to liberate creativity in the Adventist church. Moreover, we talk about the project hymneo and how one can get involved and creating the new wave of Hymns in our church


Michelle Odinma --> https://www.michelleodinma.com  and at IG @michelleodinmamusic

DA38 - Community Engagement with Mellanie Hunter

Today's podcast is focused on those who have been disenfranchised. We want to take care of the least of these. Mellanie Hunter, a coach from Louisville, KY joins us to talk about her recently started project Sidewalk Servants and how she has been providing care to others. "If you are uncomfortable about something, maybe it is time you do something about that."


Mellanie Hunter --> mellaniehunter.com 

Sidewalk Servants --> $SidewalkServants or Sidewalkservants502@gmail.com

DA36 - Peacemaking with Valerie Sigamani

During this episode, we sit down with the Director of Wild Faith Magazine and one of the coordinators at Pre-emptive Love Coalition, Valerie Sigamani. We expound on the topic of peacemaking and how to approach life in the view of making peace with others. We also touch on the ideas of peacekeeping and why we should reject it.


Valerie Sigamani --> valeriesigamani.com or @unashamed_100 

Wild Faith Magazine --> wildfaithmagazine.com

Preemptive Love Coalition --> preemptivelove.org

DA32 - Civility and Unity with Michael Nixon

A very refreshing podcast with Michael Nixon where we discuss the necessary measures to have civil discourse in the church and in society. Moreover, he shares why it is important to be engaged in the arena of discussion while at the same time being respectful to others and to their beliefs.


Michael Nixon --> @michaeltnixon 

DA27 - Design with Mark Cook and Ivan Ruiz-Knott

We break down why design is important and how as Adventists we can contribute to our churches on the matter of design and relatability with all people. Mark and Ivan emphasize that design needs to have a purpose, be aligned with the mission, and create a new conversation in order to be effective and powerful in today's world.

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DA26 - Community Empowerment with Jharony Fernandez-Gibbs

Our last podcast on our series on empowerment. We hope you have enjoyed it and listen to what Jharony Fernandez-Gibbs shares with us about community empowerment and how to do it more effectively. She invites everyone to always know that they are valuable and to be active in one's community. 

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